As Long As You Both Shall Live–Sequel to Amber Alert

It’s here! Two beautiful words for an author to write. I love the continuation of John and Sharee’s story. Is that okay for an author to say? Some people wonder how stories are written, but stories (and the characters) sometimes develop themselves. In...

New Book Coming!

The sequel to Amber Alert is due out this week! Here’s a sneak preview of the cover.

POV Basics: 5 Ways to Make POV Understandable and Effective.

What is POV and how do I include it successfully in my novel?

1. You, as the author, must decide which character will tell the story. This is point of view (POV). You can write in first person or third person or even omniscient* (although omniscient* is not often used these days and many editors don’t like it), but you will tell the story through this person’s eyes, thoughts and emotions. If you decide to have multiple points of view, it is recommended to stay to two or three until you are proficient in the basics.

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