Pornography in the Church and a Love Story

So, what’s that about, you ask? Pornography and a love story? Yes, those two can go together and do in Honor Respect Devotion. We’ll talk about that in a moment. In the meantime, we all understand that pornography is a hard issue. It’s at the front...

A book that deals with domestic abuse and diversity in Christian fiction.

What do you think of having diverse racial or ethnic characters in a story? Those that are Caucasian having African-American, Hispanic, Asian, etc main characters, as well as African-Americans and Hispanic, etc, having Caucasian or Asia or other racial, ethnic characters in them? What problems might a writer find while writing a story including different racial and ethnic characters?

My own books deal with rape, domestic abuse, human trafficking, pornography and abstinence within a “clean-read” fiction story of romance and suspense. What do you think of Christian fiction that deals with real and sometimes controversial subjects?

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