I’m talking about Toni Shiloh’s interview with Author Jerusha Agen today. Her book, This Redeemer, deals with domestic violence and has a diverse set of racial characters–something I love seeing in Christian fiction. And since God has placed those caught in domestic abuse on Jerusha Agen’s heart just as he has mine, I wanted to, hopefully, give her book a wider audience. You can tell by the title that this book has a redemption factor. I don’t want to “give away” too much from the interview because reading the whole thing will give you an understanding not only of Shiloh’s new site, Diversity Between the Pages, but also of Jerusha’s new book. Be blessed as you read it.

What do you think of having diverse racial or ethnic characters in a story? Those that are Caucasian having African-American, Hispanic, Asian, etc main characters, as well as African-Americans and Hispanic, etc, having Caucasian or Asia or other racial, ethnic characters in them? What problems might a writer find while writing a story including different racial and ethnic characters?


Author Interview (+ Giveaway): Jerusha Agen

My own books deal with rape, domestic abuse, human trafficking, pornography and abstinence within a “clean-read” fiction story of romance and suspense. What do you think of Christian fiction that deals with real and sometimes controversial subjects?

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of…”

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