You know, I’ve had so much fun writing about the two dogs in my novels. They’re different and yet very much alike. Cooper is a big, black Labrador Retriever and Farley is a Blue Heeler.

The thing about dogs is they don’t say much. They bark, of course, but only when needed–or when they think it’s needed. In Splashdown, my next book, Cooper barks at an intruder, a black snake, and a sleazy kidnapper. In Looking for Justice, Farley barks to get Luke’s attention when Maximus, Luke’s stallion, is hurt.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our only words were in relation to something important and to help? I know it would keep me out of a lot of trouble.

Of course, then we would miss the love words, too, so maybe it’s not such a good idea. We meet Cooper in Amber Alert, but it’s not until Splashdown that Sharee finally tells Cooper he’s a good dog, but that’s long after she says “I love you” to the important man in her life. (Just so you know, there is a reason for Sharee’s caution around dogs.)

However, the Bible is right–Words are important–they can thrill and heal or discourage and hurt.

Dog’s have it best–they love and play and defend, and don’t worry about putting their foot in their mouths.

By the way, it was nice for me to hear Sharee say, “You’re a good dog, Cooper.”

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