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Amber Alert began as a short story about eight years ago. Christmas is my favorite time of year (as it is with many others), and I wanted to write something that would show God at work in someone’s life.

I didn’t really plan the story, but I always loved mysteries, especially romantic mysteries and suspense, so, what else could it be? The characters and the story took off by themselves. Sharee changed some over the years–she’s more feisty than at first. And John, well, John’s always been a little over-protective, but what can you do with a woman who never takes care for her own safety?

I hope you love them as much as many loved Alexis and Luke in Looking for Justice, and if you haven’t read Luke and Alexis’s story yet, be sure to check it out. Looking for Justice is a quick read. A short novel at 180 pages. Amber Alert is a full-length novel.

For those that want to know, in time sequence, Amber Alert is first.

Find Amber Alert at Amazon:     and Looking for Justice at Amazon

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