It’s here! Two beautiful words for an author to write.

I love the continuation of John and Sharee’s story. Is that okay for an author to say? Some people wonder how stories are written, but stories (and the characters) sometimes develop themselves. In other words, I don’t always know how things will play out either!

Anyway, I just wanted those that have followed the series to know that As Long As You Both Shall Live is out! You can get it at Amazon Amber Alert is the first in the series and Looking for Justice is the last (at this time :))

Both Amber Alert and As Long As You Both Shall LIve were ACFW First Impressions and/or Genesis finalists.

By the way, authors–and readers–love reviews. If you’ve read any of the three books in the series (and yes, another one is on the way), please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. I thank you for it!

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