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Thank you for giving us time for an interview today. I am looking forward to learning a little more about you and your writing. Can you tell us what genre you write and a little of your writing journey?

I write Christian Historical Fiction just past the turn of the century. I have always loved to write but it took a long time to get to a place where I was able to do it. I started in non-fiction but found my niche in fiction. Many of the life obstacles that kept me from writing were the very things I write about. I weave them into the stories. My main characters are Christians who have a relationship with God. I want people to know they can have that wonderful experience.

What book are you featuring today and what story can you tell us that has something to do with your book?

I am featuring the first in my Rose Arbor Bride series, More Than She Dreamt (http://amzn.to/2f5alf5). This book features a single mom and her walk out of the wilderness to the hope of a new life.

Being a single mom was hard then and it is hard now. I was a single mom with four children for seven years with very little help. I know the fear that Katie, my heroine, felt; and I know the way she trusted God to go on.

My books will always have sweet romance and some humor. My youngest character, Jeremy, has brought laughter to a lot of my reviewers. His speech and misunderstandings make for some charm in a book about how God can make a way out of our wilderness and learn to pray for our enemies.

Can you give us a short summary or back copy blurb about the book you are featuring today?

It was more than she dreamed of, but as romance begins to bud, the thorns of a heartless beauty rise to tear it apart. Young widow, Katie Jensen, endures patiently under her oppressive uncle in desolate Arizona Territory. She tries to keep her promise to her dead aunt to be a witness to and take care of her uncle. But when his tirades grow worse, she gathers her two precious little ones and runs.

Making their way to an unknown land, they come to the town of White Rock, which is strangely like the place in Katie’s dreams. They are welcomed into the cottage of a kindly grandmother who takes in boarders.

When Danny, the older woman’s grandson, comes home, he finds surprises in store: a crisis, a beautiful young woman, and her adorable children who bring laughter and life into all their weary souls.

Katie is filled with hope when an unexpected romance sparks but there is a vindictive raven-haired beauty and an old enemy conspiring to put it out—permanently.

Will God give Katie rest as she and the family pray for their enemies? Can she stand strong in her faith when fear overwhelms her?

What do you do when you sit down to write? Do you listen to a certain type of music or eat chocolate or exercise? Anything special?

For the initial write or draft, I do nothing. I like quiet and no snacks. I enjoy watching the story unfold and my characters improvise. I sort of leave my world and enter theirs. This is the fun part. I let them have their way (within reason). Sometimes they add characters and I get perturbed. “What am I supposed to do with her?” I ask them.

On the rewrites, I try not to eat but get stressed sometimes. That is when quiet is the most essential. Tea is my calmer. I love chocolate but I don’t eat it because I don’t eat sugar. But I am a honey and tea connoisseur. I have to stop and exercise or I will go crazy and get beyond my already not so pleasantly plump form. I do little mini ballet workouts in my small space.

I understand about those characters! They think they have a life of their own! What is something unique or amusing about yourself or your life that we would like to know?

I live in an RV. It has been beyond a challenge to write here, but I have now written two novels without a lot of conveniences. Waiting for a house and a desk, Someday. Then I really will be a happy camper. Or non-camper! I tell people they can do anything, if God says they can. I whined a lot but then prayed through and just did it. It can be done. Oh, and I have a 2″ pet giraffe.

A 2″ pet giraffe! That sounds interesting! And you’re so right about God. He is our mainstay! Can you give us a short biography and tell us how we can contact you (fb, twitter, website).

I live in My own happily-ever-after with my Bible doctrine writer husband in the west we love. We have five children and nine grandchildren.I enjoy crocheting (a different kind of yarn) and am also a professional artist.

Website: www.sandyfayemauck.com
Facebook: bit.ly/AUTHORFACE
Twitter: @sandyfayemauck
Amazon Author Page: bit.ly/AUTHORAMZ

*GIVEAWAY!* One free book (either paperback or ebook) of this same title will be given to the winner of a drawing. Anyone who makes a comment on this post on my blog (lindarodante.com) or on my fb author page (Linda K. Rodante) will be put in for a drawing. On Monday, following this blog, a winner will be drawn and their name will be given to the author who will contact them and arrange for the book to be sent.

You can read a chapter of Sandy’s book here: http://amzn.to/2f5alf5



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