Going Indie? Scary is the first word that comes to mind, then exciting. What a long hard journey, but so worth it.

I’ve read for all my life it seems, but actually I started after I turned twelve.  A boy, who’s name I don’t remember, gave me my first Nancy Drew book on my birthday. Please bless him, Lord, wherever he is.

I haven’t stopped reading since–you know, reading the backs of cereal boxes if there was nothing else. So, I read through my teens, my twenties, through marriage and two children and now grandchildren, and when I couldn’t find what I wanted to read, I always thought, I should write a book.

As a Christian I wanted to write something that glorified God, so my first real effort eight years ago was a short story set at Christmas that I gave my family and friends.  It turned into a novel and the beginning of a series thanks to a friend. That book is Amber Alert and will be out in the fall.

Things have changed so much in the publishing industry with the advent of ereaders and print-on-demand books that last January I decided to jump into the swirling river of Indie Publishing. You need a good kayak and sense of adventure, but the ride is great.

I invite others to join the ride or at least read the books of some great Indie Authors. Look on facebook under Christian Indie Books.

And I hope you like my first book, Looking for Justice. I have Amber Alert and two others in the series ready to join Looking during the fall months.

God bless and let me know what kinds of books you’re looking for. I might have a good recommendation–or other readers might.


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