In the “old” days, I would drive down to the bookstore, browse and find a book by an author I knew and buy it. Or run to the library and browse,and usually end up with a book by an author I knew. But I was more willing to take a chance at the library. You know, you could check out four or five and head home not having spent a cent. And hopefully have one decent book.


Now, I do most of my browsing on line and either buy an author I know or read through numerous samples from books in the genre I like (romantic suspense or British mysteries) and hopefully land on something not too expensive. Which is why I like Indie books as compared to traditionally published books. Price difference is incredible. But the writing has to be good. Indie authors have not all spent time learning their craft which makes reading that sample a necessity.

What about you? How do you find your books these days? What’s important to you? Writing quality or price or author or cover? Or do you get book suggestions sent to you from email subscriptions like to Bookbub or Ereader News Today?




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