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After two crazy weeks since Looking for Justice came out, I’m holding tight to the roller coaster of marketing—trying not to get thrown out of the car! Wow! Can I just go back to writing?

To let you know a little of what’s gone on, almost 600 people downloaded the book the weekend it was free. Many of you took advantage of that—which is just what the guru’s of marketing say we writers want—for you, the readers, to read and hopefully like the book and tell your friends. And maybe put a review on Amazon. Both book lovers and authors appreciate that.

Then someone asked about Jessica. They wanted to know what decision she made about her baby. They suggested I write another book. Well, the outcome of that (along with all the marketing tips I received) is a short story that I’m offering to those who sign up for my newsletter.

Now wait! I will not inundate your email. I know how that is. The newsletter will come out about every three or four weeks to let you know when my next book will be published, to show you the cover, and give details on any pre-order sale. So, there it is. It will be short!

You can read a couple of pages of the new book on this site. And if you sign up below or on the My Books page, I will send you the short story for Jessica and let you know what decision she made about her baby.

God bless!


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