So often I’ve heard that Christian fiction isn’t real or doesn’t deal with life as it is. People talk about a Hallmark moment, and they often mean something “sweet” or that “ahhh” feeling–which we all should have, but many times don’t.

I’ve wanted to write stories that show real life while including the love of God and the love of good people. Life can yank the warmth and laughter right out of us some days, but God and his wisdom can restore it.

Looking for Justice deals with rape and domestic violence–not pretty subjects, but it shows how we can overcome the effects of mistreatment in our lives, especially when we are willing to do things God way.

In the mountains of Tennessee, two people are running from the pain of their past lives and wind up teaching at a Christian college. But even there, things do not go smoothly. One of their students is attacked and they have to push through their own pain to help her–putting their own lives in danger. Looking for Justice has dogs, horses, Tennessee’s gorgeous fall foliage, a deepening romance, and suspense–with real life issues. It is on sale for 99 cents through February 10, 2017. It is Book 4 in The Dangerous Series (, but can stand alone. Here’s the link:

Please let me know how you like it and what you think of Christian fiction that deals with issues like rape and domestic violence.


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