As a writer, I’m called a pantzer because I write “by the seat of my pants,” which means that I start with an idea and a vague sense of where that might lead and I begin to write–letting the story and the characters (but hopefully God) shape the story for me.

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This story returns to the mountains of Tennessee and picks up after Luke and Alexis have married, but with a new couple, a new romance, a new mystery, and a case for forgiveness. My male protagonist, Chase Randall, is an orthopedic doctor and an avid American handballist. (I think I just created a word, there–hallballist). The female protagonist, Angela Harding, is a lawyer who’s befriended by Alexis. She and Alexis become embroiled in a case of child abuse which leads to a dangerous situation for them both. Did I mention that Alexis is pregnant? I’m looking forward to seeing where all this leads.  (Here’s a picture of Luke’s stallion from Looking for Justice. The horse will be in this new story, too.)

Oh, and the romance? Yes. There is definite attraction and history between this new couple that will take God working in their lives if they are ever to get together!

Oh, and I’m looking for suggestions for a title. Would love to hear from you!

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