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Christian Contemporary Romance with Suspense
Meet Linda

Meet Linda

Linda has loved reading since a friend gave her a Nancy Drew book at the age of twelve — her first. Later, Agatha Christie and Mary Stewart enthralled her as well as British mysteries and police procedurals. Today, she still reads voraciously while writing her own books.
Linda loves clean reads that deal with real issues of our time and that exalt God and His Kingdom. Christian romantic suspense is a favorite. Since deciding to join the authors she loves and become a writer, Linda has belonged to numerous writer’s groups and attended many conferences. All four books in her series have finaled or semi-finaled in the ACFW First Impressions or Genesis contest.
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Book 4–Looking for Justice: Two Sample Chapters

He headed to the front door, threw it open and almost collided with her.
She’d raised her hand to knock, and her hair and jacket dripped water. She looked like foliage curling beside a waterfall, droplets clinging to her eyebrows, her eyelashes, and mouth.
Rain and wind blew into the house as they stared at each other. Lightning tore across the sky. Luke grabbed her arm and dragged her into the foyer, slamming the door behind her. She jumped and slid further into the hall.
Even dripping wet, she was still one attractive woman. And, like Teresa, she probably needed the proverbial bullwhip to beat the men off. His jaw tightened. Pretty women were Trouble. Capital T.

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Romance, Mystery, and Suspense in Book 2 of The Dangerous Series

John Jergenson finds that commitment to God is easy in the jungles of Indonesia, but when he returns home to have Sharee Jones refuse his marriage proposal and have someone try to kill them, his newly revived dedication to God is stretched to its limits—he thinks. Then Sharee’s abusive ex-boyfriend shows up and staying within God’s will? It just got harder.

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Launch Day for SplashDown–Book 3 of The Dangerous Series

Splashdown is out! Click here and comment on this post on the blog site or the one on my facebook page (Linda K. Rodante) to get a chance to win one of two Kindle books of SplashDown that I am giving away today.

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Splashdown–Book 3 in The Dangerous Series Due Out June 11th–Sneak Preview

A hurricane hits the west coast of Florida, and a wise-cracking political worker joins forces with a homicide detective to solve a murder, but neither knows the depths to which the investigation will descend, nor that the seeds of it were sown half way around the world.

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The Jungle Mother

Whether she was riding through the jungles on the back of a motorcycle, climbing over mountains, or enjoying ocean journeys in dugout canoes, she trusted her life and the lives of those she loved to God.

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A Dog’s View

You know, I’ve had so much fun writing about the two dogs in my novels. They’re different and yet very much alike. Cooper is a big, black Labrador Retriever and Farley is a Blue Heeler. The thing about dogs is they don’t say much. They bark, of course, but only when needed–or when they think it’s needed.

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The Excitement as Christian Fiction Acquires New Depth

Christian writing and books are doing a quantum leap these days with many new and traditional authors entering the Indie world of publishing. Able to stretch outside “traditional publishing” guidelines allows more realistic stories about life and love–while still holding to Biblical morality.

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Today Linda Rodante is graciously answering questions about her writing life… Linda writes Christian romantic suspense. Her series…

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Splashdown, Book 3, in the Dangerous Series Coming this Summer

Splashdown, the third book in the series will be out this summer. Lynn Stapleton, Sharee’s friend, finds herself involved in murder and with the detective handling the case.

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As Long As You Both Shall Live–Sequel to Amber Alert

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My Books


 Click here to read more about or purchase Amber Alert on Amazon.

John Jergenson has played chess with God for years. But for God to send some five-foot-two, wild-haired girl into his life isn’t playing fair. Not when John’s promised to help with her Christmas program, not when she makes life worth living again, and not when a baby’s kidnapping leads to a dangerous confrontation.


 Click here to read more about or purchase As Long As You Both Shall Live on Amazon.

When John Jergenson returns from a month’s long mission trip to Indonesia, his mind is set on asking Sharee Jones to marry him and return to the islands as missionaries. But Sharee has enough to think about—anonymous phone calls, an attack on her life, and uneasiness about their relationship. The last thing she wants is a marriage proposal. Can John keep her alive, keep her ex-boyfriend out of the picture, and fend off the attentions of another woman long enough to convince Sharee to walk down the aisle?

 Click here to read more about or purchase Splashdown on Amazon.

Lynn Stapleton likes designer handbags and high-end clothing, so how did Sharee Jergenson talk her into visiting a homeless site, much less starting a friendship with one of its residents? Then a hurricane hits Florida, and Lynn finds herself involved in the homeless woman’s murder. Detective Rich Richards thinks Lynn’s connection with the woman is suspicious, but Lynn doesn’t care what the blue-eyed detective thinks. She’s not leaving this investigation until the murderer is found. On the other hand, Richards finds Lynn not just a disruption to his case, but also to his life as a nominal Christian. He’d do better to stay away from the tall, willowy blonde, but he can’t—because she and Sharee have unearthed evidence that will convict someone of murder, and that person has marked both women for death.

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 Click here to read more about or purchase Looking for Justice on Amazon.

Alexis Jergenson, lawyer-turned-college professor wants to escape her caseload of domestic abuse and rape cases. Fellow professor, Luke Stephens, is a soldier-turned-professor, and he’s trying to find a new life after the war. Neither Alexis nor Luke can run from what haunts them, and when a student is attacked, they find themselves allies in a fight for her life.

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