So, what’s that about, you ask? Pornography and a love story? Yes, those two can go together and do in Honor Respect Devotion. We’ll talk about that in a moment. In the meantime, we all understand that pornography is a hard issue. It’s at the front of  much discussion on sex trafficking these days, and yet, it’s estimated that anywhere between 50 to 80% of Christian men struggle with this issue. That number is slightly higher for non-Christians. Some men don’t even see it as a problem. However, others are finding their way on social media to tell how it effects relationships, marriages, the brain, and even physical “performance.”

In Honor Respect Devotion, I’ve sought to bring forth the issue in a way that shows God’s redemptive power and his forgiveness. China’s struggle to walk with God in the midst of heartache and physical problems adds another layer of complexity to the book. Their stories are interwoven with romance, action and suspense.

Jake Osborne is a search and rescue pilot for the US Coast Guard. His mission is to save lives–and he has a very personal reason for it. The Coast Guard’s motto is Honor, Respect, Devotion to Duty; and it is something he tries to live out–not only for the CG, but also in his life as a Christian. But, in the past, he has struggled with pornography–and even now, the temptation sometimes raises its ugly head.

China Summers has a “bad girl” reputation and left home to get away from the church; but two years later, she returns. Her relationship with an older man ended when he found out she had a serious medical condition. Devastated by both events, she’s spent the last six months seeking the God from whom she ran away. But when she shows up at church again, will the she be rejected or received?

Jake and China are seeking to live a life surrendered to God, to live with honor, respect, and devotion; but will the Church let them? It’s sometimes said that Christians kill their wounded. Is that true? Do we extend love to those that are struggling or only to those we think walk perfectly? And does anyone walk perfectly?

Check out Covenant Eyes for more information on this subject. There are many other places on the internet to do your own research.

Honor Respect Devotion is free this weekend. Here’s the link: It’s Book 5 of The Dangerous Series, a novella, but will stand alone. Try it while it’s free. And then please let me know what you think about it. What is your response to the knowledge that 50% to 80% of Christian men struggle with pornography?




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