In my upcoming book, Splashdown, I have a scene that takes place in Indonesia after an earthquake–and after a tsunami hits the islands off the coast of Sumatra.

When I first proposed my Dangerous Series to an agent, she said she liked it except for the fact that my main characters would–through three books–end up as missionaries.

Now each book is complete in itself, but there is this thread that runs through the books; and while some characters and the mysteries change, that one thread remains the same.

For those that know me, they understand. My mother was a missionary–first to Israel and then to Indonesia. And while she’s gone home to be with her Lord, her stories fill my heart and influence my life still. They are stories of the miraculous power and all-consuming love of God.

Whether she was riding through the jungles on the back of a motorcycle, climbing over mountains, or enjoying ocean journeys in dugout canoes, she trusted her life and the lives of those she loved to God.

On Mother’s Day, I cannot help but think of the sacrifices she made and the thrills she had following our Creator. And I cannot help but put some of those stories into my books.

Amber Alert, Book 1 in the series, is free this weekend for Mother’s Day. If you like Christian romance with suspense, download it and have a fun read. 

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